FAQ's & Product Care

Stephanie Castillo


Stuff the Bag Before Storing- Before you store your bag, stuff the compartments with tissue paper or bubble wrap. Make sure the stuffing is firm but that it does not stretch the seams of the bag. This process will help the bag retain its shape and prevent permanent creases.

-Keep Your Hands Clean- Leather naturally absorbs oils and other substances that touch it, so it's very important to keep your hands clean when using your leather bag. The oil from your skin can darken the leather over time, leading to stained spots. Additionally, oil can attract dirt, leaving your handbag looking dingy.

-Store Makeup in a Separate Pouch- Because leather is prone to staining, it's smart to keep potentially damaging items isolated in your bag. Invest in a cosmetic pouch to carry your essential makeup.

-Don't Overstuff Your Bag- It's always tempting to add one more item to your handbag, but routinely overstuffing your leather bag can permanently alter its shape. Limit yourself to the essentials to help preserve it. Additionally, avoid carrying too many heavy objects, since strain on the handles can eventually lead to stretching or tearing of the leather.

-Clean Your Handbag with Leather Cleaner- Always use a leather care product to clean your purse. Follow the manufacturer's directions for the specific product you choose to use. Never use any cleaning product that contains mineral oil or alcohol or one that is not designed for leather.

-Do not store in direct sunlight. It may result in fading over time.


- How long does shipping take? 

All orders are shipped through UPS. Please allow 5-7 days for order processing and 3-5 business days for shipping through the carrier (U.S orders).

- Where are you located?

Every item is made and shipped from West Covina, CA (US). 

-Do you accept returns/refunds?

We are currently unable to accept refunds/returns. All purchases are final sale unless there are damages to the product. If there are damages, please contact us immediately via email info@esemsea.com

-Do you make custom order bags/clutches?

Yes. Please DM/email me to discuss options. info@esemsea.com 

-Do you restock leather bags?

-No. All leather prints are seasonal and do not restock once they sell out. Only fabric/upholstery purses can be restocked.